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VISTA Print Effectiveness Rating Service

Affinity's VISTA Print Effectiveness Rating Service is the industry's most widely used accountability tracking service, measuring the performance of every ad in every issue of the major business and consumer publications so that you can gauge the impact of your print campaigns in real-time.

Plus, the VISTA Service measures the reader engagement and editorial readership of specific issues where your campaigns appear, providing insights about the effect that individual publication environments have on your company’s advertising.

Unlike historical approaches, Affinity's VISTA Print Effectiveness Rating Service leverages the speed and flexibility of the Web to deliver real-time print intelligence - while your ads are still in the hands of readers.

In addition, custom questions can be appended to issue-specific VISTA studies, giving you the opportunity to collect proprietary information about the effectiveness of your campaigns and readers' perceptions of your brand.

VISTA’s fast and affordable deliverables provide you with everything you need to evaluate the return on your print advertising investment and meet today’s accountability requirements.

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